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What having a weak, neutral, or strong grip means?

If somebody tells you, "you have a weak grip" it has nothing to do with how tight you are holding the club. All though that is something that I will address.

I like my students to not hold on to the club too tight, this causes a lot of tension through the forearms and biceps and triceps, which robs the student of speed. Loose muscles are fast muscles. I like my students to think of the grip as a tube of tooth paste, I want them to hold firmly but not be squeezing the tooth paste out of the tube.

Now to get to the real point of this topic. What does having a weak, neutral, or strong grip mean?

Lets go over each one...

1. Weak Grip. When you grip the club there will be a crease made between your thumb and index finger. Where these creases point in relation to your body decides on which type of grip you have. If you have a weak grip this crease will be pointed up at your chin in the address postion. (shown below)

Weak Grip 3.jpg

2. Neutral Grip. With a neutral grip the crease will point between your chin and your trail shoulder. (Shown Below)

nuetral grip 3.jpg

3. Strong Grip. A strong grip will cause the crease to point outside of your trail shoulder. (Shown Below)

strong grip 3.jpg

There is no optimal grip position for every player, however every player has an optimal postion for them.

Please post any questions below and I try to answer as many as possible.

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