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Why the winter is a great time to take lessons.

I recently had a student say to me, "I never would have done this in the summer, I would always be out playing". That really got me to thinking, the winter is a perfect time to work on making swing changes. There is no pressure to have immediate results and the student can gain some trust in there new swing patterns without the pressure of playing the game.

I recently had a perfect example of this. We were able to make some significant changes to one of my students swings in a very short time. All it took was some guidance and some dedicated work by the student.

The first picture is a before picture. This student had a very steep angle of attack and had a very out to in swing path, and fought hitting shanks and week slices.


The next pic is the after photo. She is now much more shallow and on plane. She can even hit draws now!


The best part is this all took place in a 2 week span this winter thanks to the partnership with Divots Indoor Golf.

Winter is a great time to make some adjustments to your swing and golf game!

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