Aimpoint Express

What is Aimpoint Green-Reading?

Whether you're a professional golfer, caddie, junior, or amateur golfer, AimPoint Green Reading will transform your game by teaching you the one aspect of putting which is never taught--exactly where to aim


Mark Sweeney has pioneered a revolutionary green-reading method based on the highly accurate, Emmy Award winning AimPoint Technology seen on the Golf Channel. After going through the AimPoint Green Reading education, you will never again have to guess at how much a putts breaks. Any putt. Learn that putting is predictable and discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the direction and precise amount of break for any putt, all based on gravity (only works on earth).


What You Will Learn

  • How to accurately identify slope

  • How slope direction and grade affect break

  • How to determine precise break amounts for any putt 

  • How to handle changing or multiple slopes

  • How to manage speed control

  • How to determine optimum approach shot strategies

People who have studied Aimpoint

Stacy Lewis

Lydia Ko

Shasta Averyhardt
Becky Brewerton
Dori Carter
Na Yeon Choi
Cara Freeman
Sophie Giquel
Jenny Gleason
Julieta Granada
Pat Hurst
Vicky Hurst
Juli Inkster
Stacey Keating
Joanna Klatten
Candie Kung
Diana Luna
Stephanie Louden
Kristy McPherson
Whitney Neuhauser
Calle Nielson
Gwladys Nocera
Suzann Pettersen
Reilley Rankin
Melissa Reid
Natalie Sheary
Christine Song
Jennifer Song
Angela Stanford
Michelle Wie

Adam Scott

Hunter Mahan

Jason Duffner

Ian Poulter

Stephen Ames
Sir Nick Faldo
Padraig Harrington
Hunter Haas
J.B. Holmes
Troy Matteson
Scott McCarron
D.A. Points
Dennis Paulson
Scott Piercy
Dicky Pride
Justin Rose
Henrik Stenson
Josh Teater
Bo Van Pelt
Grant Waite
Charlie Wi

Aimpont Express Clinics

The AimPoint Express Read (level 1 and 2) is the perfect balance between simplicity and accuracy. This read can be learned in minutes by any level of golfer and will give you reliable reads with little time invested. Perfect for any golfer who wants increased accuracy with a non-technical solution.

*Stacy Lewis

Aimpoint Express Clinic Schedule 2019

Aimpoint & Putting Private Coaching

Aimpoint Express Level 1 and 2

     $300 - 2 Hours of 1 on 1 coaching on Express Level 1 & 2


Express Level 3 & Speed and Aim Coaching

* Must have taken Express Level 1 and 2

     $120 per Hour - Coaching on Personal Callibration of Aimpoint                                         Express, Large Up and Downhill slopes, Aim,                                           Start Line, Speed Training, and Stroke                                                       Fundamentals.


Aimpoint Certified